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"If I had to pick one word to describe what happens to my hair when I use Alterna, it would have to be transformation." - Katie Holmes (spokesperson)

Not all hair care was treated equal. When only the best will do for your hair, turn to Alterna, a luxury brand which pampers the locks with unique ingredients in cutting edge formulas.

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If you ever wonder how celebrities maintain their luxurious locks, consider adding Alterna to your hair care regimen. Co-owned by actress Katie Holmes, Alterna is designed to pamper, hydrate, and restore your hair. By using the right products for your hair's needs, you can achieve beautiful results. Alterna's top-quality formulas were developed to deliver luxury treatment on a day-to-day basis. Using high-end, natural ingredients, Alterna's hair care products are designed to help you achieve the best possible results.

You can find many types of all-purpose hair care products in stores, but they may not be suited for your hair's unique needs. When selecting a shampoo, conditioner, treatment, or styling product, consider your hair type before making a selection. Curly, straight, thinning, coarse, and chemically treated hair all need to be cared for differently. Each of Alterna's hair care lines is created specifically for a hair type, allowing you to customize your hair care. By selecting a formula designed for your needs, you can optimize your results. People who have curly hair often have to deal with dry and frizzy follicles, but Alterna products can help hydrate and smooth your hair. Relying on micro proteins, these products work to nourish your hair and to maintain healthy moisture levels. If your hair is thinning with age, Alterna products can help keep your mane looking voluminous and full. These products also help fight hair loss, making it an ideal tool to add to your arsenal. Alterna products are rich in botanicals and free from harsh chemicals which can cause damage.

With an overwhelming array of hair care products available, it is easy to throw up your hands and to purchase whatever is on sale. However, taking the extra time to select a quality hair care product can help you to achieve the overall look and confidence that you desire. Alterna Products offer top-notch hair care by pampering your hair follicles from end to end. These formulas are based on cutting-edge research and incorporate luxurious ingredients such as hemp, bamboo, and caviar. Treating your locks with luxury will show in the final results that you achieve.

Since 1997, Alterna Products have set a high standard for hair care products. Using ingredients that help to naturally build strength and radiance, these formulas deliver amazing care in easy-to-use packages. Alterna Products have also shown leadership in the field by pioneering new hair care technology such as Enzymetherapy, which improves your hair's ability to absorb a product's beneficial active ingredients. These formulas use high quality ingredients the whole way through. The product developers at Alterna have avoided ingredients that could damage the hair, skin, or environment.

If you want your hair to look beautiful when you have finished styling it, you need to give it the nourishment it needs to look its best. Alterna Products offer a full line of care, treatment, and styling products to take your hair's appearance to the next level. These products combine cutting-edge research with high-quality ingredient selections, allowing you to feel confident in the care that your hair is receiving.

The most basic hair care product is shampoo. Despite being basic, the quality of this step varies drastically from one product to the next. Alterna TEN Shampoo fuses ten ingredients from around the globe to pamper your locks all the way through. This formula is free from sulfates, naturally and delicately cleansing your hair to leave it smooth and healthy. The focus on high-quality ingredients ensures that your hair will be pampered without the risk of damage from harsh detergents or chemicals.

Shampoo will cleanse your hair, but conditioner helps to give you the finish that you desire. Alterna TEN Conditioner will leave your hair smooth, silky, and tangle-free. This formula hydrates your hair and replenishes its natural moisture levels, giving you the shine and manageability that you want. Your hair will be protected from future environmental damage, allowing you to continue to improve its health.

Cleansing and conditioning can keep your hair healthy and looking nice, but an additional treatment can help to take your locks to the next level. Alterna TEN Hair Masque fuses luxurious ingredients from around the world to repair damaged follicles and leave your hair looking refreshed and radiant. If your hair is try or treated with chemicals or coloring products, Alterna TEN Hair Masque can give you a boost of instant moisture, leaving your mane manageable and hydrated.

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